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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Sample our range of premium boutique wines

Nestled in the valley between Malmesbury and Wellington, Doran Vineyards is the location’s sweet spot right on the cusp of the Swartland and Paarl/Wellington Wine Regions. The Manor House at Doran Vineyards provides the ideal accommodation base from which to explore this beautiful region! Not only is Doran Vineyards the home of the most exquisite wines in the area, but Paarl and its surrounding towns are home to a diverse range of wineries and plenty of other attractions to keep you and your family entertained.

Option 1

R60.00 Per person

– private tasting

– 4 wines of your choice

– by appointment only

Option 2

R100.00 per person

– private tasting

– 6 wines of your choice

– by appointment only

Option 3

R120.00 per person

– private tasting

– 8 wines of your choice

– by appointment only

Explore the aromas of our unique, hand-crafted Irish-South African-inspired wines.

Wine Presentation

We will take you on a unique wine tasting journey

There is more to drinking wine than just drinking wine. Have you experienced the challenge? When you sniff the aromas you get on the nose, are they the same or different from those on your palate?


Frequently Asked Questions

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Hand-Crafted Wine

Our mission is to ensure you get the highest possible enjoyment from our vineyards. We take the maximum care to present our wines to you in their best condition so that, hopefully, you’ll like them and then buy them.

Boutique Winery

We like to think we have crafted and created our own little bit of heaven on earth. Whether you have come to stay, attend a function, or taste our wine, we want you to feel as if you are one of our family in our home.

Function Venue

Small, intimate, and unique. Choose between being inside and overlooking the barrel hall. Or outside on our stoep overlooking our garden, camps, and dam whilst the livestock roam around.

Wine Tasting

Our variety is considerable for a boutique winery. We offer you a lovely combination of aromas, styles, and tastes that will linger for quite a while.

Reserve Wine Range

From refreshing quaffers to serious sit-down wines that demand your full attention, we want you to enjoy our wines, especially the original unique Cote Rotie Incipio whose blend has not been in South Africa for quite some time.

Wine Orders

Do you know what the most frequent statement from our customers is?

“Your wines are underpriced!!!”

Wine List

Doran Vineyards Wines

Doran Grenache Noir R100.00

Doran Grenache Blanc R140.00

Doran Rousanne R140.00

Doran Chenin Blanc R120.00

Doran Pinotage R100.00

Doran Iosa R120.00

Doran Honor D R85.00

Doran Arya R85.00

Doran L’Alliance R120.00

Doran Rosie D R85.00

Doran Incipio R200.00

Doran The Romy D R100.00

Doran Sauvignon Blanc R85.00

If you have any questions about our wine tastings, please fill out this form.